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Animal removal services

Lasting Animal Removal Services in New Orleans, LA

Rodents are a common problem in many residential homes and structures. Audubon Wildlife Removal uses safe and effective animal removal services in New Orleans, LA. We find and seal all access points that rodents may have, including holes chewed through the structure or building imperfections. With many years of experience, our animal removal company has learned to never underestimate the sneakiness of rodents, so we go above and beyond to find every potential access point when rodent proofing your home or structure.

Small Rodent, Animal Removal Services in New Orleans, LA

Repairs You Can Count On

Our repairs are a fundamental part of a complete rodent removal process. All the products we use on a home or building are animal proof and are not intended as a temporary fix. We even color match products so your home has a uniform look, ensuring that everything looks exactly the way you like it.

Clean Up the Mess

When there are rodents in your home or attic, there is a strong chance they will also leave behind waste. Our service will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the area, then replace any damaged or soiled insulation. We even remove dead animals that die on your property or inside your home. We make sure the animals are fully removed, the area is cleaned, and we dispose of the carcass properly.

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